Need help finding the right AI use cases for your business?

Sentrix AI Consulting can help you identify AI use cases for your business. We can help you determine which AI uses cases to prioritize when integrating AI into your product or into your business processes.

Need help developing an AI roadmap for your business based on feasibility, cost and timeline? Sentrix AI Consulting can help. We will work with you to assess feasibility, implementation and deployment costs, as well as development timelines. And when you're ready to implement your roadmap, Sentrix Software Services is there to help you select the right technologies and to implement your AI roadmap.

AI Roadmap

Product Use Cases for AI

If you're find it a challenge to identify use cases for integrating AI into your product, then you're not alone. Making the leap to an AI enabled product can be difficult. Sifting through the hype to identify how existing AI technologies can be used to improve your product can be a daunting task.

Sentrix collaborates with you to identify AI capabilities that can be integrated into your product while retaining your core value proposition. Our focus is helping you move beyond flashy demos to real-world applications that provide value to your customers.

Business Process Use Cases for AI

Moving beyond generic use cases, such as drafting emails or using AI for customer service can be a challenge.

We work with you to map your business processes to identify which processes can be made more efficient or more effective with AI. After identifying these processes, we work with you to develop a roadmap for integrating AI into your business processes.

Once the use cases are identified, we then help identify the right technologies to implement these use cases.


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