Rewards and Offers

Customers receive Rewards for completing Adventures, which are a series of fun, engaging activities. Rewards provide a sophisticated tool to drive customer engagement and more flexibility in how you incentivize customers.

Customers are able to redeem Rewards themselves or trade them on the Marketplace. This enables customers to personalize the Rewards they receive and increases the value of Adventures and Rewards to your customers.

What is a Reward?

What is a Reward?

The most basic explanation is that Rewards are the benefits that you provide to customers. However, the Sentrix platform turns Rewards into a powerful tool that you can use to drive customer engagement and retention.

Rewards are implemented as unique digital assets which customers can obtain by completing Adventures or by purchasing them on the Marketplace.

You then link Rewards to the real-world benefits that you want to provide to your customers. One benefit of using digital assets to provide Rewards is that you can provide benefits either directly by your company or through an ecosystem of partners.

Redeeming a Reward is as simple as scanning a barcode on the customer's mobile phone.

Artificial Intelligence

Rewards are unique from points in that they can be traded and that you can link multiple benefits / offers to a Reward over time.

These unique properties of Rewards make it valuable for customers to buy, sell and collect Rewards that align with their interests and needs. This increases the insight that you have into your customers and enables you to provide more personalized benefits.

As customers exchange Rewards on the Marketplace, you can see what Rewards are popular and what Rewards are not. This enables you to adjust your Rewards to better align with your customers' interests and needs.

These unique properties of Rewards enable the Sentrix AI to generate more personalized Adventures to your customers. Over time, this creates an Engagement Platform that continues to adapt and learn with your customers to ensure that you engage with customers in a way that is relevant.


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